Coming - Ink of Light

Opening Fri 4 August 6-8pm
Open Fri - Sun 11am - 5pm, 5 - 20 August 2017

Ink of Light Launch Saturday 5 August 2 pm 
Please rsvp to by 2 August 


Public events and artists' talks:
Sunday 6 August 2pm
Saturdays 12 & 19 August 2pm

Ink of Light is a collective of artists including Negin Chahoud, Shadi Eshragi Mehrzad Mumtahan, Kath Podger and Monir Rowshan, who are staging an exhibition as a personal response to experience of persecution. The collective aims to use their art to highlight human rights abuses in Iran against a group of seven ordinary individuals (The Yaran), arrested simply because of their role as members of the adhoc leadership group for the Baha'i community and their beliefs as Baha'is—beliefs which the artists share.

To honour the lives, and draw attention to the imprisonment of these law-abiding citizens, the collective proposes to create art works that engage with the project space as well as with the viewers/ audience. This will be done through creating spaces in which the works of each artist would tell a unique story where the viewers could stand or sit silently and engage or converse with the works. The project also includes the interactive, collaborative and onsite creation of art, performance art, storytelling and musical performances. 

Kath Podger Concentric Circles

Kath Podger Pilgrimage

Negin Chahoud 

Negin Chahoud yellow brick road 

Shadi Eshraghi Bird in Captivity

Shadi Eshragi Butterflies in Captivity 2017

Shadi Eshragi Fish in Captivity 2017 

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